By Carol Hardy • 2018 President

A new beginning means we will be doing things differently moving forward for Women’s Council. What I just said is one example:  at any one event or reference point, “Women’s Council of Realtors” will be fully noted once; then following references are only “Women’s Council” but not “WCR”. Gone are the acronyms – so others will know exactly of which fabulous group we are speaking!

Some of the following transformations you will experience are:

  • We are a network not a chapter
  • We will have more focus toward REALTORS with membership ratio of 80 percent REALTOR members and 20 percent National Affiliate members
  • No local affiliates
  • Business meetings with lunch will replace business resource meetings (really just a name change) held five times this year
  • We will host four industry events (one per quarter) that are timely, issue relevant, include professional development, are member income-generating with a focus on business leadership development skills, and one collaborating with other local networks, REALTOR associations or related real estate organizations
  • We will have a minimum of two other events such as mixers, a fundraiser or members only events
  • No Committees! Now we have Project Teams. Members and outside support as needed (YES, OUTSIDE support is OK!)—can be used for a defined period of time and will disband at the end of the project, in other words, short term
  • We will implement strategic partners: What are the Benefits of Being a Strategic Partner? A variety of levels and benefits are available such as visibility and opportunities with REALTORS; opportunities to showcase products and services, experience and expertise; be an indispensable part of the REALTORS professional network and the opportunity to increase revenue at the local Network level.

Is that all? No! Be my guest at an event, business meeting luncheon or industry event and see the difference Women’s Council can be not only for your business but for your life!

Keep your eyes open for our upcoming Membership Drive and Third Annual Winter White Party,  at 6-9 p.m. on Jan. 25 at Hanovers 2.0 at 16912 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78728. It’s $55 per person to attend. Come shake your bootie to the sounds of Suede again! There will be plenty of food and fun with your peers! Contact me if you’re interested in registering at (512) 639-4455 or I hope to see you there!  RL