By Katie Agness

Focused on creating sustainable and responsible developments, Capsa Ventures utilizes eco-engineering along with green building materials and design to change the way Austin is built.

“At Capsa, we focus on extensive pre-planning to provide structures of the highest quality. We are taking that same approach and expanding into building homes in the near future,” says Rance Clouse, CEO of Capsa Ventures. “We continually look for the latest technologies to ensure every Capsa community is more sustainable than the last.”

Formed in 2014, Capsa Ventures has developed (or redeveloped) four Austin-area properties—904 West, Towns on Cumberland, Pease Place, and currently, FOURTH&. In the Spring of 2018, Capsa Ventures will begin a new project in Northwest Austin which will include approximately 40 single-family homes and 28 loft-style condos. “In the past, our developments have been infill projects,” Clouse says. “As we expand our portfolio, we are focused on building better, stronger homes built to exacting standards.”

When choosing new projects, Capsa Ventures has previously focused on small to mid-sized developments, considering hundreds of factors before making a decision. “At Capsa Ventures, we strive to be good stewards of the land by finding locations where we can build and blend in with the environment while reducing our carbon footprint,” Clouse says.

While many businesses see rapid growth and expansion as a necessity for success, Capsa Ventures takes careful consideration and purposeful thinking before engaging in a new project or development. “We are always looking for opportunities to grow, but we won’t sacrifice our culture that encourages forward thinking, responsible development and sustainable solutions,” Clouse says.

For each new development, the Capsa Ventures team spends months analyzing, engineering and planning to build a resource efficient building. Taking into consideration the project’s current state and the opportunities to implement sustainable features and green technology, Capsa Ventures works to identify areas where it can make the largest impact.

Some sustainable building features you may find in a Capsa Ventures development include 600 rooftop solar panels which significantly reduce our need for electricity from the city; recycled materials, such as recycled quartz countertops and steel framing that reduce landfill waste; variable speed air conditioning units which use minimal energy to adjust the climate; LED lighting for reduced electricity consumption; cisterns which capture rainwater run-off from the roof and feed the rain gardens; and much more.

Even with sustainability in mind, homebuyers are still given the opportunity to customize their home to fit their style and needs. “We cater to all types of residents with several cabinet, countertop and backsplash options at FOURTH&,” Clouse says. “We are considering additional customization opportunities in upcoming projects as well.”

Over the past few years, Capsa Ventures has been honored with numerous awards and recognitions in the area of sustainable building, but Clouse says there is much more to come. “Capsa Ventures has only scratched the surface where we plan to be in the next five years,” he says. “For us, these honors strengthen our commitment to change the way Austin is built.”  RL