By Carol Hardy • 2018 President

CODENEXT! Sounds very spy-like, James Bond-ish, let’s get out your decoder ring; ok, not really.  Like codes and plans, Austin is taking the initiative and listening to its citizens in planning the future. The third draft of CodeNEXT is revealed.

What is CodeNEXT? It is a Land Development Code that expresses the values formulated in the City Council-adopted Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan of 2012. (More about this can be found on the website: CodeNEXT is a revision of the Land Development Code, which determines how land can be used throughout the city. It includes what, where, and how much can be built through two facets: an update of the text of the code and a corresponding update to the zoning map, showing where the new zones are applied.

Austin takes great pride in its citizens and they are its greatest asset! Austinites are passionate about their city, committed to its improvement, and determined to see this vision of Austin’s future become a reality. Getting a chance to respond to CodeNEXT, all comments provided will be sent directly to the Planning Commission, Zoning and Platting Commission, and City Council for its review and consideration. This can be done by visiting the website

If you have the time and want to dig deeper, I found the third revision of CodeNEXT broken down by chapters to be most helpful. The website is: Here you can review each chapter and make comments, but you must be registered and logged in to post. Here is your chance to be heard when you are seeing a building erected, a new thoroughfare cut or multi-living structure being built. Instead of complaining or wondering why it was put in that space, you could say, “I helped plan that”!  RL