By Victoria Reviel • 2018 President

Spring marks the beginning of the busiest home-selling and home-buying season in Central Texas. With the warmer temperatures and longer days, some sellers have pressing needs to sell and buyers are also more likely to shop for homes during the hot summer months.  So, the question is… are you ready?

Here are a few tips for 2018 selling season:

Have a Business Plan: November is the best time of year to get your “plan of attack” together for the upcoming year. Don’t worry if you missed it. Get one together now! First, know what your income needs to be. Once you have that number you will know how many homes you will have to sell to achieve that figure. You will also break down the number and determine how many listings you will need to acquire and/or how many buyers you will need to turn into a closed transaction. Next, you will plan your day, month, and quarter prospecting and marketing tasks.

Sphere of Influence: Make sure all your family, extended family, friends, children’s coaches, teachers, doctors, dentists, hair stylists, manicurist, neighbors, etc. know you are a REALTOR, know your contact information and know what areas you specialize. They should all have your business cards and know to give them out to anyone interested in buying or selling property. The good news is your sphere of influence is constantly meeting new people, so your sphere is always expanding!

Networking: Let’s face it, you need to get out and meet people. There is no getting around that fact! Plan events that you enjoy doing and where you have the opportunity to make many new contacts or one where you can meet a few strategic people. When attending a networking event, the goal shouldn’t be to meet everyone in the room and collect business cards. Spend quality time visiting with several people and really get to know them. Once you feel you have established a connection, ask for their business card and then send them a note or email to follow-up with them. Adding them to your database will feel more genuine if you have made an authentic connection.

Social Media: 175 million people log into Facebook every day! You must have some type of web presence, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even your personal or brokerage website. Plan out your daily, weekly or monthly posts about real estate in Williamson County (or the area you market), info about you, your listings, your brokerage listings, buyer topics, seller topics and area information. Be engaging in your posts and have a call to action so that there is a need for the public to contact you.

Past Clients: Make sure you get a recommendation from your past clients right after the sale while it’s fresh on their mind and post it to your social media sites. Snap a photo of the happy client at the title company or in the front yard with a sold sign to use in your marketing. And for goodness sake have a good contact management system that keeps in touch with them…remember out of sight, out of mind!

Get Educated: A few of our contracts have changed recently, so keep up to date with changes and industry news. WCREALTORS has many classes for you to take so you can stay informed. RL