For Robert Fischer, owner and CEO of the Robert J. Fischer team for Keller Williams Realty, real estate wasn’t his first career choice. After finding success in the stock market and investing in restaurants, stocks, businesses and real estate, he lost everything.

“I wanted to be a millionaire before I was, 30 and I was going to go boom or bust doing it—I went bust,” he says. “However, it was the biggest blessing that ever happened to me, as God has blessed my journey.”

Fischer used the experience to figure out his strengths and where he wanted to take his career: real estate. In 2005, he started The RJF Team, which sells 200-300 homes each year. “I love people, business, investing, and marketing, so real estate seemed like the perfect opportunity because I could work in all those areas,” he says.

Fischer says that one of the most rewarding aspects to his job is the ability to give back to his clients and the real estate industry. “We have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, and my employees and contractors believe in what we do,” he says. “I love being able to make a difference to the consumers and do anything we can to protect our industry for all Realtors, as we believe in it so much and know how we can benefit the consumer.”

In addition to real estate, Fischer is heavily involved in giving back to the community as a whole. Fischer and his wife started their own charity, The Cares Alliance, which partners with local businesses seeking their own charities. “The Cares Alliance is all about creating a movement of caring by giving businesses immediate access to ‘their own charity’ while partnering with other businesses to multiply the efforts,” he says. “We are getting the community involved by letting them know they have help in their community efforts, and we letting those in need know that there is hope and that people do care.”

While supporting The Cares Alliance’s local charities, non-profits, churches and families, the Fischers are also involved with the Hill Country Christian School, where their kids attend, and their church, Hill Country Bible Church. “I love finding ways to fulfill the needs of our community and to support the people and families within it,” Fischer says. “My wife and I enjoy building relationships within the community, and we are thankful for the opportunities to volunteer and learn even more about our amazing community.”

As he reflects on his career in real estate thus far, Fischer says that a combination of consistency and relationship development have contributed to his success. “Consistency is the key. Giving the right advice to the consumer, even if it does not benefit you, will go a long way,” he says. “This is a relationship business, and we get to love on people for a living. If we always go in with that mindset, everything takes care of itself.”

When he’s not running his successful and growing real estate business, volunteering with local charities or spending time with his family, Fischer may be found watching his favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings.


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