By Katie Agness

Five years ago, Ashley Wainscott founded Simply Sold, a one-stop-shop for REALTORS and their clients who seek general renovations prior to selling their home or moving into a new property. Prior to starting her business, Wainscott was having trouble deciding on a career path.

“After I graduated from St. Edward’s University, I had spent some time working on accounting and event planning, but hadn’t found anything that made my heart skip a beat,” Wainscott says. “Then, my mom decided to sell her house, and I realized there was a need in the market. From there, I started planning for a reliable company that could keep it simple for the overwhelmed homeowner and the busy agent.”

Wainscott decided to test the company prototype with a real estate agent that summer. “I received extremely positive feedback so I knew I had to stick with it—I was on to something,” she says. “My business is making remodeling simple and efficient to give clients and their homes a fresh start whether they sell or buy, or own.”

Today, Wainscott, who serves as CEO, is busy wearing many hats—from managing a staff to working with potential clients to focusing on growth strategies. For her, the most fulfilling part of her job is helping people with their home. “I love meeting new people, seeing new homes and building relationships within my community,” she says.

Recently, Wainscott’s Alma Mater, St. Edward’s University, recognized her successes and achievements by presenting her with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. For Wainscott, she says her real estate career and the experiences that got her here are what have enabled her to find success. “Receiving this award was truly humbling because I took a lot from my experiences and teachings at St. Ed’s,” she says. “My life motto is that it’s not what you are given in life, it’s how you handle it that sets you apart. I still fall on my face sometimes, and those falls are my lessons, my continuing education that pushes me to grow, and the scars remind me of all I have learned.”

In her spare time, Wainscott enjoys practicing yoga, meditating and spending time with some of her favorite clients: the family dogs. “I’m a huge dog lover, so one of the best things about meeting new people is meeting their dogs,” she says. “Since college, I have dealt with Vertigo, and I have discovered so much about health and myself through it. I love acupuncture, chiropractic processes, yoga and meditation, and overall, it has made me a stronger person.”

For Wainscott, she says it’s combination of innovative ideas, problem solving and efficiency that attributes to her success. “I’ve always admired Nike’s slogan, ‘Just Do It,’” she says. “Each day, I focus on growth, persistence, perseverance, accountability, and hustle. In this industry it is all about just doing it. When clients are happy, I am happy.” RL


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