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By Carol Hardy

With the elections being a few weeks ago, I hope you took the time to get out and vote! We’ve seen campaign commercials — ugh, signs, bumper stickers, and yard signs of those we support. Although topics of conversation can often get heated with passion for the candidate you feel serves the people best, voting is a right our country is proud to possess. Citizens run the gamut of how they feel about that right. Some are complacent and feel whatever happens will happen and their say won’t change anything; while others charge the cause with the importance of practicing this freedom we have and challenge all to vote.

My daughter and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on politics, but I am so proud that she is even interested and very zealous about voting. Not all generations are; so just voting can be the first hurdle. Going to the polls to vote can be challenging enough, but we need to remember, this is special and needs to be exercised as well as protected.

I say if you don’t vote, then don’t complain. From the very top of our democratic positions to the most local, everyone should take the time and interest to have their say. The Austin Board of REALTORS just recently held its elections, too. If you are part of this association, take an interest in who is involved at the top. I hope you voted and if you didn’t, consider doing so next year. Don’t simply stand by. Make this your own organization with having a vote. Everyone needs to be heard and choose who they want to be in positions that can affect all of us! RL

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