By Carol Hardy • 2018 President

The holidays are upon us and usually our market slows during this time of year. This is an excellent opportunity to “beef up your pipeline!” Take some time to look over the past year and see where marketing has been profitable, decide if your systems are working or need a tweak here or there; don’t be afraid to change client management systems. Do some research on what fits you and the way you work. Plan for 2019 with realistic goals, then schedule a date in your calendar for the summer to review and see if you are on track. Find a nice cozy corner with your favorite warm beverage and catch up reading articles from RealtyLine, Texas REALTOR, REALTOR magazines, or any other real estate material you were too busy to complete in 2018. This will all serve you well and now you have some time to do it!

I would like to take this chance to also remind you, not all clients are a good fit for all REALTORS. That’s the beauty of networking and getting to know other people in your field. Women’s Council of REALTORS is not only an excellent professional organization for your business and personal training, but you can take advantage of referring a client who is clearly not a good fit for you to another REALTOR. This way, you still get some income, and you protect your reputation in the business as well. By this, I mean the experience doesn’t go south with your name being smeared with a poorly matched client. Remember this as you “beef up your pipeline!”

In closing, I want to welcome anyone who is interested in knowing more about Women’s Council of REALTORS to contact me personally any time. I also want to thank you for reading or saving to read any of my articles. It has been a pure joy to share nuggets, ideas and personal thoughts with fellow industry professionals. I appreciate the kind compliments I have received and wish you all the very best in 2019. RL