By Susanna Boyer • 2019 Director

One of the biggest issues the 2017 Texas Legislature faced was property tax reform. The topic was agreed on by both the House and Senate but legislators could not come to agreement on how to approach it. As such, they ended in a stalemate, with no major bills making their way to Governor Abbott’s desk for signature. There were numerous bills filed amending the property tax code, but only 33 (1/10th) of those bills passed. The most important ones did not make it.

For the 2019 Texas Legislative Session, there are currently over 60 stakeholders working to prepare a viable property tax reform bill that will make it through to Governor Abbott. They want to make the system better for all concerned, making it more transparent and accountable. All this work will be for nothing if the House and Senate cannot come to a compromise on this issue. 2019 will see a new Speaker of the House and that person will set the direction for the chamber.
Industry leaders would like to see tax appraisal districts adopt a more user friendly and customer focused website. This is something that all property owners, including REALTORS would like to see.

Texas Real Estate Commission Sunset Review

This Legislative Session the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) is being reviewed. Part of the review has been completed, but the completion will come when Legislators make the decision that TREC is still a viable and much needed department within Texas State Government.

Mark your calendars for March 26 for REALTOR Day at the Capitol. Contact your peers and join us to meet with our Legislators and overwhelm them with our sheer numbers to let them know that we, as REALTORS, have a voice! RL