By Cyndi Bell • 2019 President

I was blessed with many talents, but unfortunately, predicting the future was not one of them! What we do know is that real estate is booming in Williamson County. We are firmly in 2019 and spring selling is on its way to ramp up. As we take a quick look back, we can hope to glean a potential forecast for 2019.

Texas REALTORS and Texas A&M Real Estate Center compile data points from across Texas from each MLS. Texas A&M Real Estate Center scrubs data and removes duplicates so that it can publish accurate data. With the data, WCREALTORS can present accurate data. Using the Texas A&M Real Estate Center Data, the association can split the data as follows:

In Williamson County, we’ve felt a bit of a shift with the volume of home construction inventory on the ground. The number of resale homes dipped in 2018 and new home construction has taken that market share. The total number of sold residential properties held steady from 2018.

The average new home construction price was almost flat when compared with 2018, while resale homes have kept in line with average inflation of around 3 percent.

What does this mean for Williamson County?

  1. Resale homeowners have more competition from new home construction. Keep this in mind when listing in Williamson County.
  2. Grow your referral network with REALTORS from California. Central Texas continues to grow from California residents and business relocations. A recent study by Joseph Vranich of Spectrum Location Solutions revealed more than 13,000 companies had left California for friendlier locations, with Austin being the No. 1 city to gain the California migrations.

We thank our new home builders across the county for continuing to fill the gap and building high-quality homes for our residents. If you are interested in learning more about Williamson County new home construction, join us on April 11 for our first Bus Tour of 2019. RL

Williamson County Texas 2018 Real Estate Statistics