By Cyndi Bell, 2019 President

Even with the ups and downs with the state and national economies, businesses and their employees continue coming to the Lone Star State, attracted by its high quality of life and business friendly tax and regulatory structure.

Austin is a booming high-tech hub, and to many locals, growth spells one thing: Californians. Yet according to the Census Bureau and the Texas Comptroller, those crowded roads may be carrying more ex-Floridians than former residents of the Golden State.

And with growth, challenges come forward. Texas’ population is expected to reach nearly 60 million by 2050, bringing with it skyrocketing demand for water, housing, transportation, schools and jobs. Just since the beginning of the year, 17 companies are on the record for their relocation to Austin. That means jobs, jobs and more jobs.

What does this mean for Central Texas REALTORS? Get educated on where your buyers are coming from and where your sellers want to move. Contact your client sphere and ask who they know from California or Florida that is thinking about moving to Texas. Network with agents that live in states with the highest migration to Central Texas and build a referral network. You can even invest your time and dollars to a relocation designation.

WCREALTORS will be hosting several classes and events coming soon that will help you land that next client. Next month we will be featuring classes on Instagram and Facebook. In April, jump on board for our annual Westside Bus Tour.

I hope to see you for a fun day of learning, networking and touring new homes and developments on Highway 29. RL