By Riki Markowitz

The Williamson County Association of REALTORS (WCREALTORS) has kicked off 2019 by welcoming new association executive Bryan Hutchinson to the 1,900 member association and its multiple listing service. He started on Feb. 1, 2019.

Cyndi Bell, 2019 president, introduced Hutchinson to members, saying “WCREALTORS is committed to laying a healthy and strong foundation as our family grows.”

Hutchinson comes to WCREALTORS from Denton County, near Fort Worth. There, he was a managing partner at The Victor Myers Companies where he led his team on different aspects of business development, customer service, marketing, branding and implementing strategies for meeting company goals. When his youngest child was getting ready to graduate from high school, Hutchinson and his wife realized it was time to look ahead to their next chapter. “We both had a strong desire to move someplace else. We started that process and considered different positions, including one in Maryland.” Hutchinson learned this position was soon opening. The Hutchinsons sensed in their gut that this is where they belonged. “Leading non-profit organizations is what I was seeking to do, particularly in the real property world. And these positions are so few and far between.” Hutchinson is right. There are some 70 real estate associations in the state and WCREALTORS is one of the 10 largest.

Before settling in Denton with his wife and kids, Hutchinson did a lot of traveling — he describes his early years as “nomadic.” He was born in Florida, and then moved to Texas — from Minnesota — around age 7 or 8. “We moved 18 times before I graduated from high school,” said Hutchinson. “That’s one reason why real estate is so important to me. I know what it’s like to live in a gated community and what it’s like to live in the backseat of a car.”

Come again? Around seventh grade, Hutchinson’s parents hit a rough patch and the family home was foreclosed on. “We had to move out in the middle of the night. We spent a night or two in our Plymouth Fury.” The Hutchinson’s were soon able to secure a small apartment. There, they bartered work around the complex in exchange for a place to live. His parents eventually did get back on their feet. But the experience of being homeless and moving so often played a significant role in how Hutchinson would go on to live the rest of his life. “That’s what has driven me, in part, to where I am today.”

Comparatively, the rest of Hutchinson’s young adult years were much less chaotic. He joined the Army soon after graduating high school. There, he was a paratrooper and a military policeman. He worked his way up to the rank of sergeant. He also traveled a lot and had his first opportunity to volunteer with a non-profit group, which he continued doing throughout the remainder of his nearly six years of service in the Army. He then became self-employed, working in consulting and leadership positions, and always kept one foot in the non-profit world, typically with churches or education-based organizations.
After hearing about the association executive position at WCREALTORS, and then becoming a candidate for the job, the interview process took about three months. “For me, aside from faith and family, there’s nothing more important than to advocate on behalf of society and fight for people and housing,” he says.
Some of the reasons he was chosen out of a small group of extremely qualified candidates is that the board understood his passion, they saw his successes in the private sector, his work in non-profits enhanced his skill sets, and finally, they respected his desire to cooperate and form strong relationships with association members.

RealtyLine spoke with Hutchinson on day 28 on the new job and he admits that he’s still figuring things out. But what he understood from the start was that all the staff at WCREALTORS are “phenomenal, very dedicated, intelligent and skilled individuals. They earnestly and genuinely care about membership.” As the CEO of the association, his job is to lead, provide guidance and overlook any of the operational activities that happen to land on his desk. “My job is to make sure my team and I are aligned with the mission of the association, the desire of the board of directors, and be a steward of all that is entrusted to us.”

For 2019, Hutchinson wants to start unlocking the world of real estate. “Not just how to be a REALTOR, but looking at the industry as a whole. Our goal is to reveal how it works, what works in it and how to be a better professional.” The goal is not limited to working with brokers and agents, but also, every professional on every step of the ladder.”

Members interested in staying apprised on the latest WCREALTORS news and initiatives should sign up on the association’s Facebook page. But Hutchinson also has a standing offer for all members: give him a call and he’s happy to meet for a cup of coffee. It’s all part of his mission to function in the spirit of service and transparency. RL