By Cyndi Bell • 2019 President

As Central Texas continues to adjust to new people and companies moving here daily, affordability can be an issue, and in response, clients are asking us about tiny homes and tiny spaces.

While both types are relatively new to our area, either way it’s an adjustment to live in a small space if you are not accustomed. So how do people do it?  It’s all about maximizing space.

Double-up with bunk beds. This type of bedding maximizes space by going up instead of out.

Embrace small furniture. By investing in small furniture, including space-saving kitchen tables, desks and more you will maximize your space and can still enjoy the furniture that makes home feel like home.

Expand your space with a large mirror. A classic design trick to make a small space or any room look and feel larger is to utilize a large mirror.

Organize your storage spaces. Getting the most out of your storage spaces is absolutely essential. Invest in storage containers like bins and baskets to get your valuable square footage organized.

Maximize corners. One of the secrets to living in small spaces is to maximize the corners of rooms. By placing furniture like tables or desks in the corners and doubling up with shelving as both a decorative and storage hack, you allow the rest of the room to feel more open.

Dual usage. Invest in furniture that fits the size of the space and serves multiple purposes.

How do you help a new client find a tiny home?

To start, you’ll need to start by calling your planning or zoning department to ask about local ordinances: Are there any restrictions on areas where you’re thinking of building? How are tiny homes zoned, and where are tiny homes allowed?

If the home is on a foundation, you can use a traditional lender just like any other home. But securing financing for a tiny home isn’t as straightforward as some buyers might expect.

While traditional lenders are willing to loan hundreds of thousands for a sizable home, they’re often reluctant to lend to tiny homebuyers. The problem is the appraisal. Unless you live in an area with an abundance of tiny homes, there aren’t usually enough comparable properties nearby for the appraiser to determine the home’s value. No appraisal, no loan.

Get educated

To better service your clients, its always best to get educated. Here at WCREALTORS we have ABR, SRS and GRI designation classes coming soon. All of these classes are a great way to learn more about tiny homes and add competency to your business. See you soon!  RL

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