By Cindi Bell

Central Texas and Williamson County continue to feel the benefit of a robust housing and employment market. With it being mid-year, I hope your business is harnessing these benefits because we sure are at Williamson County Association of REALTORS. We had some big things come online in July that will make a positive impact on your business.

A big thanks to our Community Services committee, our Annual Food Drive surpassed last year’s collection. WCREALTORS’ goal is to coordinate the distribution of 10,000 pounds of food to local food pantries every summer. The food pantries have indicated that summertime is one of the greatest needs. In the month of July, over 35,000 pounds of food were distributed to various Williamson County food pantries. Since its inception, WCREALTORS members have assisted in donating well over 100,000 pounds of food. 

New Benefits

Last month, your association rolled out the “All Access” member benefit. As a member of WCREALTORS and a CTXMLS subscriber through WCREATLORS you will benefit from over 40+ CE hours of continuing education provided at the association at no additional cost. You don’t have to re-read. That’s 40+ hours of FREE CE education. WCREALTORS is committed to investing in its members and subscribers so that they are successful, and this is an investment of over $250,000 that WCREALTORS is providing our members and subscribers.

Our members have the power to choose! Meaning our CTXMLS subscribers can now choose how they would like to be billed for service. As a CTXMLS subscriber, you can choose to have your MLS billed to you every month or remain on the semi-annual subscription. Your choice! These are just a few of the ways WCREALTORS is working to help agents be successful by providing financial flexibility to grow their business.

Back in June, we introduced another new benefit for our members. WCREALTORS has partnered with Homease, a REALTOR app that connects vetted contractors with REALTORS. It is a source of connection for you and your clients. Our members the Homease app through the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. You can also learn more about Homease at

Come by and see the improvements we have made to the building. We’ve updated signage, paint, carpeting and all sorts of details that shine up the place we call home.

Lots of changes here at WCREALTORS; all the modifications are focused on bringing value to our members and to set them up for success. We have lots going on; next time you need a sign, lockbox or a cup of coffee stop by and find out about all the benefits of calling WCREALTORS home.