Some of us remember when Austin was just a sleepy town on the edge of the Hill Country. It was a city with various hidden gems, such as creeks and green spaces, scattered throughout, and a music scene so rich it brought Willie Nelson out of retirement. But as our beloved “weird” city has grown, so has the need to restructure our membership access to meet the needs of ABoR agents and brokers today. 

This fall, your annual ABoR membership access will increase by $50. We’re taking it back — way back ­— so we can put this long-overdue change into perspective.

Let the starlight sequins move you, baby, because the year was 1974. Austin’s population was under 300,000 and the Ford Pinto was the hottest ride on I-35. ABoR printed the weekly MLS for its 2,500 REALTOR® members, and Austin’s median home price was an astounding $16,500. Compare those numbers to today’s median price of $420,000, and you’d think we’re talking about two very different cities. So, why 1974? Because it’s been 45 years since the Austin Board of REALTORS® has increased its membership access.

A lot has changed in half a century. Level pricing is simply not sustainable for our 13,000-plus members, and the time to take action is now. It’s time to ensure that when, not if, our market dips, we are here to serve you and provide the resources you need to remain successful in this industry.

We’re committed to being the engine of your success. By increasing our membership fees, we are preparing to better serve the needs of our membership today so we can avoid raising prices again in the near future. Although this increase will not go into effect until the 2020 association billing cycle, we aim to be as direct and transparent as possible by starting the conversation now. Plus, we want to use this time to shine a light on the many benefits we currently offer at ABoR. After all, your membership funds a full suite of benefits.

Our core member benefits include a $120 credit and ongoing discounts for Remedy’s on-demand healthcare delivery service, an annual subscription to Inman Select, and — hot of the presses — FREE CE license renewal as part of your membership! We’ve teamed up with AceableAgent to cover all 18 hours of your required CE renewal starting now ( Starting in January 2020, you’ll also be able to take your 18 hours in the classroom at any of our three locations for free! By providing free CE renewal courses, we’re making sure our members can save big and focus on getting the next-level education necessary to prosper in this industry.

We’ve come a long way since 1974, but we’ve never stopped being a strong community. Although ponchos and bell bottoms may have never left Austin, our city is now 931,830 Austinites strong and changing a little more each day. Let us cover your essentials so that you can build your career and get to work on your own terms. 

If you’re an ABoR Member and have feedback, I want to hear from you. Go to the ABoR Engage Portal at now to let us know how we’re doing.