Have you ever attended a networking event and not known anyone? When you arrive, you immediately find your seat after checking in, smile politely at a few people as they join your table or walk by, listen to the speaker and leave the moment it’s over. You were curious and interested in a few of the interesting events or volunteer opportunities mentioned during opening announcements, but you don’t look further into it because it’s either intimidating or you fear the awkwardness you will feel being the new face in the room. Let’s take it one step further; you’re new in your career and you think everyone in leadership roles (or those doing the interesting things) have been there for a while and it’s a little daunting. 

You’re not alone! And to help our members navigate all that the HBA has to offer, we have a variety of committees and councils to offer so that they can become more comfortable attending events, in joining those committees and will get the most out of their membership. 

One of our newest groups is the HBA Young Professionals Council. We want to provide a welcoming place for career-minded individuals (under 45) with opportunities to develop professionally, civically and socially. The organization hosts a variety of networking events and educational classes, provides opportunities to serve the community and give back, and even offers career support and mentorship. Still not sure if an in-person networking council is right for you?