Each October, the Austin Board of REALTORS holds elections to fill board of director seats that will be vacated by members whose three-year terms are expiring. It’s an exciting time for the association because ABoR members can start getting to know newly elected officials. It’s also when all board members begin releasing their personal mission statements for the year to come. 

The Austin Board of REALTORS is one of the largest professional trade associations in Central Texas. So serving on the 17-member governing body is a commitment that requires a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Officers and directors are responsible for proposing new initiatives, creating policy and leading members in carrying out the association’s mission and goals: building connections in the communities ABoR members live and work, promoting ABoR to the public and also educating members on the various ways to be more involved with the organization. 

Here is a look at ABoR’s new and returning board of directors and what they hope to achieve in 2020.

Board Officers

Romeo Manzanilla

2019 ABoR President Elect (2020 ABoR President)

“As an association, we’ve made great strides over the last couple of years in engaging our membership in a more open and transparent dialogue, but in 2020 we are focusing on increasing the professionalism of our membership and our industry. The value proposition of working with a REALTOR is being challenged in numerous ways through disruptive new business models, but at the core, the real estate industry is about relationships and professional services. It is our goal as an association to provide our members with the tools and resources that they need to better serve their clients and respond proactively to changes in the marketplace.”

Kevin P. Scanlan

2019 ABoR President and returning ABoR board member

“As Austin continues to grow and technology advances, we are seeing a lot more disruptors in our market. My goal is to ensure the association adapts to these changes and gives REALTORS the tools they need to stay competitive.”

Susan Horton

2020 ABoR President Elect

“As the 2020 president elect, it is my primary duty to support the president in implementing our five-year strategic plan, to learn everything possible, and continue building relationships with our directors in order to be as prepared as one can be for my presidential term in 2021.”

New Board Members

Christine Chau

2020 ABoR Board Member

“One of my goals is to advocate for solutions and perspectives that benefit our membership.” 

Karlyn Ellis

2020-2022 ABoR Board Member

“My goals are to ensure all ABoR agents are fairly represented in our boardroom, effectively communicate to our members what the board is doing for them and what our association means to their careers beyond just being a source for the MLS.”  

Kendred P. Manceaux Jr.

2020-2022 ABoR Board Member

“I will be working diligently with my fellow directors and our ABoR team to serve members. I will be focused on providing members with feedback on crucial issues facing our industry; and especially issues that are going to affect their businesses and clients.” 

Edie C. Phillps

2020-2022 ABoR Board Member

“I am excited to be working with an exceptional board of directors and our CEO Emily Chenevert. I will focus on supporting the needs of our vast REALTOR community.”

Greg Ward

2020 ABoR Board Member

“I want to bring a fresh set of eyes and a new energy to the board to ensure that ABoR continues its progress on being a valuable and reliable resource to members.”

 Returning Board Members

John Crowe

Returning ABoR Board Member (2020-2022)

“In 2020, we will embark on our second year pursuing the strategic plans for the association and the MLS. I’m most looking forward to a few goals: engaging with members and expanding community relationships and embracing innovation with ACTRIS. I also look forward to helping Austin deliver a simpler, effective land development code.”

Cord Shiflet

Returning ABoR Board Member (2018-2020)

“I hope to focus my attention on bettering our relationships with neighboring MLSs, building the new board for ACTRIS and seeing what they can achieve.”

Kent Redding

Returning ABoR Board Member (2019-2021)

“I am very excited about 2020 for both ABoR and ACTRIS. One of my goals is to ensure the successful adoption of Remine Pro, which is a game changer that will redefine the way we think about our MLS technology and help us increase data security. I also hope to increase membership engagement.”

Job Hammond

Returning ABoR Board Member (2020-2022)

“In 2019, we were successful in launching free renewal continuing education online for our members, which can also be taken in person in 2020. For the coming year, it is my goal to expand continuing education as part of our membership and allow the association to foster the most professional and engaged REALTORS in the nation.”

Shay Millheiser

Returning ABoR Board Member (2019-2021)

“I will continue advocating for our association to foster the most active and professional agents in the country while continuing to push for a more progressive MLS.”

Charlotte Lipscomb

Returning ABoR Board Member (2018-2020)

“I’m excited to work on implementing initiatives that will raise the level of professionalism for the members of our association.”

Austin Stowell

Returning ABoR Board Member (2019-2021)

“I hope to work closely with our government affairs team to advocate for REALTOR-friendly public policies, one of which is the rewrite of Austin’s land development code. The board has taken a much more active role in our advocacy efforts recently and I plan to lend my experience and expertise to those issues.”

Anne Wheeler

Returning ABoR Board Member (2019-2021)

“Within the board of directors’ goal to elevate professionalism, I am eager to define professionalism more clearly and begin offering programs that will aid our members in becoming the most professional and engaged REALTORS in the nation.”

Ashley Jackson

Returning ABoR Board Member (2019-2021)

“I look forward to achieving the goals of our strategic plan and continuing to focus on raising the bar on professionalism in our industry.” 

Brian Talley

Returning ABoR Board Member (2018-2020)

“My goal is to help improve our government affairs and advocacy efforts with a renewed focus on our public policy agenda. Given Austin’s recent policy changes on homelessness and initiatives to update the zoning and land development code, ABoR needs to continue to advocate effectively for property rights, housing supply, manageable property taxes and affordability.”