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Texas Loan Experts

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John Schutze, senior mortgage banker

WRITTEN BY: Katie Agness

Contributing Writer

The Texas Loan Experts are quickly making a name for themselves in Austin. With a dynamic team of experienced loan originators who are armed with the latest and greatest loan programs, they have become one of the top specialists in loan programs for home purchases and refinancing.

At Texas Loan Experts, we work with anyone and everyone looking to purchase a home,” says John Schutze, senior mortgage banker for Texas Loan Experts. “We have experience working with first-time home buyers and people buying their fifth home, as well as customers with various credit scores, including as low as 500.”

“If you have a difficult loan, send it my way and we will figure out a way to get it closed,” he says.  “I like being able to provide my homebuyers with the option of choosing their own loan terms. We no longer have to stick with the vanilla 30-year or 15-year terms — we can do 19 year or 24 year terms which makes it interesting.”

At Texas Loan Experts, communication is key to ensuring that loans close on time, as promised and as delivered. “We are focused on communication and hard work,” Schutze says. “We do everything we can to keep everyone involved and updated. We go above and beyond to make sure everyone involved in the process has an excellent experience.”

Texas Loan Experts, which is a brand of The Home Loan Expert LLC, recently opened its lending platform in Texas. Schutze oversees all loan originating in Austin for Texas Loan Experts and was selected from over 300 potential loan officers to launch the new brand in Texas. Since entering into the market, they’ve closed more loans than ever and established lifelong partnerships with real estate agents, builders and clients all over town.

“The Home Loan Expert brand had already grown into the Midwest, and they decided that Austin, one of the fastest growing cities in the country, would be a great fit moving forward,” Schutze says. “Besides the growth rate in Austin, there were several other factors that played into that decision. Austin has very well-educated borrowers. They are smart, tech savvy and they demand a top-notch experience, which is what Texas Loan Experts provides.”

“Aside from the technology and customer service we provide, Texas Loan Experts came into this market with incredibly low rates. Plus, we regularly close in as little as 14 days,” Schutze says. “We are often asked how we are able to offer such low rates. Well, we were very intentional in setting up a very flat organization. We removed the middle management and unnecessary operational cost so we can pass the savings on to our borrowers.”

Currently, Texas Loan Experts has two Austin-area offices located in the Arboretum and in Central Austin off 35th Street. While they primarily service clients in the five-county metro areas of Austin, they regularly work with clients throughout Texas.

Since entering into the Austin market, Texas Loan Experts has been very focused on marketing and outreach to grow the brand. “Our referral partners also love us because of all of the marketing we do,” Schutze says. “We often meet with agents to talk strategy and provide co-branded marketing opportunities to help stay in front of more customers. The reality is consumers start their search online, whether it’s for a real estate agent or lender. You have to let consumers know why you are the best professional for them.” 

To ensure a successful lending experience for all parties, including borrowers, agents and referral partners, Texas Loan Experts has developed a streamlined process to make it as quick and easy as possible. “At our borrowers can fill out our online Five-Minute Loan Approval application. “We will work up all of your loan options and present the ones that make the most sense,” Schutze says. Once the borrower decides on the loan option and submits a little bit of basic information, our processing and underwriting team will approve the file and set up closing.” 

“From start to finish, we keep the borrowers updated,” Schutze continues. “At closing the borrowers are always happy because they can rest assured that they have an excellent rate and a perfect loan program for their situation.”

Through a commitment to communication, technology and customer service, Texas Loan Experts has quickly become a one-stop shop for mortgages in Texas. “Agents and borrowers love us because we underwrite our files in-house and have the best technology in the industry, which allows us to close loans in as little as 14 days,” Schutze says.

 “We have some of the best rates in Texas, more loan programs than nearly any other bank or broker and customer service that cannot be matched.”

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