Kriston Wood

Kriston Wood

2020 President, Williamson County Association of REALTORS®

Real estate over the past few months has looked different. We, as REALTORS®, have spent time rethinking structures and reworking systems, and ultimately becoming more effective in our business activities.

Looking forward to the third and fourth quarters, every REALTOR® is looking to do more than survive. But to end 2020 with a thriving business, we will need to be diligent in our activities. Consider the following as a foundation by which to build a real estate pipeline.

Be a resource

Be knowledgeable

Be consistent

First, be a resource. Connect people to those who can help them achieve the outcome they seek. Build a list of vendors who can assist them with everything from their home maintenance needs, automotive repair or restaurant recommendations. We might have past clients seeking new jobs: who do we know that is hiring? We may have people who are seeking to move out of town or out of state. Who are the REALTORS who can assist them in the locations where they aspire to move to? The more connections we make while building a list of resources, the more effective we will be at being a resource for those who seek our guidance. After all, REALTORS sell more than real estate!

Second, be knowledgeable. From reviewing daily market stats, communicating with builder representatives and receiving daily updates from local lenders, any information that will help us grasp the market of the moment will be valued by those who look to us as an expert resource. While it may look a little different, WCREALTORS is hosting a Summer Bus Tour in June. This is a perfect opportunity for you to see what is new and upcoming in many developments across Williamson County. Staying up to date on national, state, county and city updates that may affect our client base will be key to earning their trust. The more we know, the more effective we will be in preparing those we seek to assist. 

Next, be consistent. Consistency is the key to sustainable business, increased profit and the freedom and flexibility most sought after attaining our real estate license. Real estate is a business and, as a REALTOR, we are the CEO. We must treat every day as if we are running a multi-million-dollar company because we are. When we are purposeful with our time and respect the process, we will find that we are working less and profiting more. Even more, our clients benefit from our consistency. When our client sees that we are consistent and knowledgeable we become a resource for life and they then begin to connect us to others, creating a lifetime of referral partnerships. It is a ripple effect.

Above all else. Keep it simple. Do not overthink it. We are in a relationship business so if we focus on our people, we will find that the rest is easy to accomplish.