Susanna Boyer

Susanna Boyer

2020 Director, Residential Real Estate Council

Why should you brand yourself?

When done properly, it is a method of gaining name recognition and boosting your reputation using recognizable images and language. By building a brand for your real estate business, you are establishing a professional presence that is memorable and makes a killer first impression, thus keeping you “top of mind” to the people seeing it.

Because (with your branding) you look more professional on paper, in the media, on your website, or even on a billboard, you create a perception of quality service in the minds of your potential clients — so you’ll be at the top of their list when it’s time for signing on with an agent. For these reasons, REALTORS® with robust brand awareness also typically get more business.

How do I brand myself?

First, you need to establish who your target market is going to be and what your coverage area will look like. Get to know these areas and be the neighborhood expert. As you gain more confidence and experience you may want to branch out and specialize in certain niche markets such as luxury. You want to be remembered as a credible authority on properties fitting your specialty, earning you a bigger piece of the market share when it comes to buyers and sellers relevant to your niche.

Creating your logo

Your real estate logo does not need to be fancy or sophisticated, but it does need to be noticeable. You want to choose colors that stand out and catch a person’s attention, but not too colorful that they distract from the message and don’t use too many different shapes or lines. You want colors that will invoke a good memory in a prospect’s mind. Most REALTORS® opt for evoking feelings of trust and reliability in their brand imaging rather than anxiety or chaos. Research shows that colors can be as much as 85 percent of the underlying reasons people choose your business over another and colors can increase brand recognition by as much as 80 percent.

The process of designing your logo should be taken very seriously because it becomes the foundation of your brand image. It needs to be memorable and compatible with both print and web. Choose a logo that will withstand the test of time, not something trendy that may be here today and gone tomorrow.

Advertising Methodologies

You should use your logo in all your advertising and marketing communications. As REALTORS®, we benefit from using a combination of different advertising tactics and techniques.

Offline Advertising Methods (Traditional)

Yard signs, open houses, business cards and magazines. Many REALTORS use these tactics for promoting their listings, so the competition is fierce. A single exposure to an ad or handing out one business card will not get you a lot of business, so consistency is key.

Online Advertising Methods

If you only use traditional advertising methods, you will definitely miss out on a huge portion of your target audience. Since the majority of people are now using mobile devices to find their prospective new home, you must advertise online and your online advertising most assuredly must be optimized for search on mobile devices. If you are not using advertising that is mobile friendly, then you are missing out on a huge group of potential clients.

Information that you should advertise

For rules and regulations on what should be included in your advertising, check the following article from the Texas Real Estate Commission.

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