Top Agent Secrets For Success

Often when one decides to get his or her real estate license, the first step most take is to research, looking for the easiest and fastest ways to jump-start their business. The good news is that resources are easy to find. From online videos, books lining the self-help and business section in bookstores everywhere and subscription services — all selling their key points on being successful in real estate. One can spend months soaking in all the secrets for success. Interestingly, reaching out to some of the top agents in the industry and maybe even spending 20 minutes chatting over a cup of coffee will garner the same information that all the above have to offer. 

Success lies in the persistence that top agents bring every day in running their business. In doing my own research for this article I reached out to some top agents and Williamson County Association of REALTORS members and asked them about their secrets to success. Two points were communicated across the board: commitment and consistency. Kim Dale, REALTOR® with Realty Texas said, “Commitment to the industry through education and involvement has been essential in my business success. Being involved with the REALTOR® community, I am constantly gaining knowledge that I can reciprocate to my clients that sets myself at a higher standard.” This was a sentiment across all the top agents who were interviewed. 

Megan Turnipseed, Broker Associate Turnipseed Realty Group Keller Williams Realty, stated that commitment to her clients and to customers has helped her build success through referrals. “Focus on relationships and helping people. Tell your clients you want their referral.” 

Commitment to your personal time is important as well. Amy Kobza, Broker for Better Life Realty states, “I also make sure to make time for my family so that I have a good balance between work and personal life.” Commitment is one of the keys to success in a real estate business, regardless of the business model and the actions taken to implement it.

Another habit to develop to achieve success is consistency. All three of the top agents mentioned above touched on the fact that consistency has been a primary factor in their success. Amy stated that “consistent practices and being in coaching with a business coach” have contributed to her business growth. Megan noted some practices she has been consistent with have helped with her success: 1) focus on weekly calendar and goal planning, and 2) creating 1-2 plans and implementing them. “Make a business plan and stick to it even when you haven’t seen any results in the first few months.  If you are consistent and stick to the plan, the business will follow,” stated Kim, this being the foundation of her business growth. All echoed these exact words in warning, “Do not chase the shiny objects,” and there are plenty of those in this industry. For Megan, Kim and Amy, commitment and consistency, day in and day out, have been a few of the habits that have helped their business find success. 

It is in every self-help book, every motivational speech: The secret to success is that there is no easy button, just habits you establish by focusing, showing up and putting in the work. Build the habits and you will find success.

Thank You to the following Real Estate Professionals for giving their time and sharing their tips for success. Amy Kobza, broker, Better Life Realty; Megan Turnipseed, broker associate, Turnipseed Realty Group; Keller Williams Realty and Kim Dale, REALTOR, Realty Texas.

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