Open Houses: Making the Best Experience For All

Driving around on a Saturday morning, heading home from grabbing that hot cup of coffee, the client looks over and sees the signs… OPEN HOUSE. They quickly think, “I could just run in and check it out” or “I LOVE this neighborhood, I wonder if this house could be the one” or maybe, “I have to tour this house, it’s around the corner from mine and I have to see the updates they have done.” Resale homes and new construction homes alike find themselves busy with the foot traffic of eager buyers and future sellers looking to get a grasp on the local market. Buyers are back out shopping and are more serious than ever.

Attendees differ in their search approach. Most are just beginning their search, some are looking to see how their home compares in updates and price or there are those who are just picking up design ideas. Some are open house pros and have seen every possible home that pops up on their app; they know the drill and make their tours quick.

To make the best of your open house experience and theirs, consider the following tips:

Prepare to Engage

Whether they are just beginning their search or are looking to list their home for sale soon, as the REALTOR® holding the home open, you should have a plethora of information at hand to offer from neighborhood amenities, school guides to local shopping and entertainment information. Most of all you offer information on the home itself, such as the time on market, if any offers have been made and details about updates to the home. Some attendees will use this time to interview a REALTOR® that they find especially thorough. They will get a sense of how you will interact with them and potential buyers/sellers on the other side of a deal, how much effort you have put into this event, how well your marketing worked, and the overall service you offer. 

Items to Prepare

• Signage plan (plan for a minimum of 20 signs)

• Print out a map and plan out the best signage placement

• Flyers

• Giveaways

• Sign-in Sheet or Digital Sign-in Landing Page

• An MLS sheet for data (use as your cheat sheet)

• Paper Towels/TP/Hand soap

Ask More, Talk Less

Often, I find that buyers are eager to share as much information as they can to build rapport with the REALTOR® that is holding open the home, especially in a fast-moving market. Have your questions prepared and practiced so you can get information you need to be of greater assistance in their search. Take notes! 

In closing, remember to be intentional with your open house prep, have fun and follow-up.

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