June is National Homeownship Month

Michele Sherwood

Michele Sherwood

2022 President / Williamson County Association of REALTORS

This month is National Homeownership Month! Among the greatest joys of our profession is helping the people in our community to achieve the American Dream–owning a home. Home ownership contributes both to economic well-being and to create intergenerational wealth.

REALTORS® strive to be THE resource for prospective home buyers in their community. They wake up every single day with one common goal: to use the wealth of information within their REALTOR® toolbox to ensure that their clients are well informed, stress free, and excited about the homebuying process.

The first step needed to achieve this goal is to make sure that your REALTOR® toolbox is equipped with the best tools that are available. These tools include your local Association/Board, MLS/Supra Subscriptions, staying up to date with what’s happening in your local communities, and even volunteering within those communities to make them a better place to live for both yourself and your clients.

Your local Association/Board is where you first plug into your profession. It’s your one stop shop for networking events, continuing education, city updates, volunteering, MLS/SUPRA services and technical support, the REALTOR® Store, and so much more. It is important to understand that Board Membership and MLS Services are two entirely separate entities. When you join a Board you become a member, when join an MLS through a board, you become a subscriber to the MLS. REALTORS® only need to be a member of one Board/Association in the State of Texas. 

Multiple Listing Services, or MLS’s provide access to shared data that helps you serve your clients specific needs.  REALTORS® can subscribe to as many MLS’s as possible to keep in their toolbox, as long as their broker is also a subscriber. REALTORS® receive technical support for the MLS from the Board/Association that they subscribe through. Many REALTORS® have multiple MLS subscriptions so that they are prepared to serve their clients wherever their home search takes them. 

So, you have your Board Membership and MLS Subscriptions in your toolbox, what’s next? It is essential to have the SUPRA System in your toolbox, but even more essential to know how the services work. Supra Lockboxes are specific to the MLS that they are subscribed to. Agents must also subscribe to the same MLS that the lockbox is subscribed to in order to gain access.  Supra eKEY® allows your smartphone to be used as a lockbox key. You can load as many MLS subscriptions as you want into your eKEY®, by contacting your local Board and requesting a Co-Op of your key. If your subscription matches the MLS on the lockbox, your phone can grant access to the listing. If you enter your listing in multiple MLS Subscriptions, we recommend using lockboxes for each MLS to ensure agents from each MLS can gain access to avoid confusion. 

The tools listed above are the absolute minimum needed in the REALTOR® toolbox in order to help your client achieve homeownership. REALTORS® with the strongest toolboxes are the individuals who go above and beyond for their communities. The best way to get your foot in the door is to get involved, be present, and volunteer within your local Board or Association. We host an array of informational events through our continuing education department including our City Update Series that hosts local leadership from around Williamson County. REALTORS® can come and learn what’s happening with municipalities such as City Council, Police, and School Districts. Our Community Service Committee can never have too many helping hands during our Volunteer Days. Over the last few months, we have participated in Backpack Friends and Habitat for Humanity. During the month of July WCREALTORS is also hosting our annual food drive that benefits serving centers throughout the county. Plugging into your local Association gives you the opportunity to serve your community in the most rewarding ways.

Any REALTOR® who equips their toolbox with the tools listed above is certain to reach the goal of being the best resource available to help their client reach homeownership. We are now half way through 2022,  and now is the perfect time to take a look within your own toolbox and make sure that you are equipped to be the best REALTOR® that you can be.

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