Cord Shiflet

Cord Shiflet

2022 President / Austin Board of REALTORS

MLS Behind The Scenes at actris mls

The MLS is the mainstay of your business. While you’re navigating listings, showings, and closings, the team at ACTRIS is working hard behind the scenes to keep top-notch tech at your fingertips and your business ahead of the curve.

Right now, we’re working on several big projects that are going to bring exciting changes to the work you do every day. Here’s a rundown of the latest updates and what you can expect for the rest of the year. 

The Return of the MLS Feedback Series 

We’re always on the hunt for new products and tools that will elevate your business. Right now, that includes research for a new MLS mobile solution as well as an offers management platform. By the time you read this, we will have already re-launched our MLS Feedback Series to give ACTRIS subscribers like you an opportunity to weigh in on the process.

If you’re interested in participating in future MLS focus groups, please email Your feedback is essential to helping us better understand your needs and how we can improve your MLS experience!

Leasing Management Service Task Force

Austin has been a renter’s market for some time now, and while not all of subscribers specialize in leasing and property management, almost three out of four members subscribe to the Leasing Management Service (LMS) in ACTRIS.

Earlier this year, we established an LMS Task Force to evaluate the value and benefits to current LMS subscribers. The Task Force has been meeting regularly to provide feedback on leasing input options within ACTRIS and explore additional LMS products and services.

The recommendations of the LMS Task Force will be presented to the ACTRIS Board in August. If you have any pain points, suggestions, or questions to share with the LMS Task Force, fill out the Idea Box Form so that the Task Force can take those into account.

Remine Add / Edit

If you actively use Remine Pro, you already know what a game-changer it is. Now, imagine being able to add and edit your listings directly from this powerful market intelligence tool.

That’s exactly what Remine Add/Edit will provide. Right now, Remine Add/Edit is on track to launch in our market early next year. The more ways we can deliver innovation and efficiencies to you in a single platform, the better.

This is also another example of our industry investments in action. Remine, which ACTRIS co-acquired last fall along with three other progressive MLSs, is actively working on expanding its core product and as an ACTRIS subscriber, you and your business stand to directly benefit from their innovation.

If you’re not using Remine Pro, you’re missing out. Go to to sign up for one of our free Remine Pro trainings, which we hold at least once a month via ABoR On-Air.

MLS Compliance Update 

With the successful launch of the “ACT Now” compliance campaign last fall, our MLS Compliance team has been developing continuing education to keep listing data in our marketplace accurate, complete, timely and reliable.

Earlier this month, we launched our first ABoR On-Air MLS Compliance course, “Mastering Your MLS – Compliance Tools, Rules & Application,” available to subscribers on the last Wednesday of each month, with July and August already open for registration. In addition, an on-demand version will launch with ABoR On-Demand in August!

A New MLS Brand

Finally, efforts are underway to develop and launch a new ACTRIS MLS brand identity as part of our 2019-2023 ACTRIS Strategic Plan. It’s more important than ever to empower agents and take proactive action that will reinforce the value of the MLS to consumers, and a clear, engaging MLS brand is key to doing that.

As we work toward strengthening our MLS brand, we’ll also be identifying opportunities to expand and improve ACTRIS resources on and in the Member Portal, so you can find what you need, when you need it.

These changes won’t necessarily happen overnight, but it’s an important step to ensure subscribers are informed of valuable benefits and industry changes.

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