Rachel Arterberry

Rachel Arterberry

Contributing Writer

CMAsnap was born out of one REALTORS need to make his own life easier. CMA’s (good CMA’s) took too long. You could easily spend a couple of hours at your desk, researching comps and doing math — busy work. There had to be a way to do an accurate comparative market analysis in a fraction of the time without sacrificing accuracy or quality.

As a REALTOR since 2008, owner Tom Cunningham understands the struggles REALTORS experience plodding through pricing when they’re short on time.

In 2012, he began developing a software product designed to be used as an API (Application Program Interface) for appraisal management companies. After the market crash, he began doing Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) and emersed himself in the pricing process. He’d become a Certified Broker Price Opinion Resource, but regardless of his level of mastery, BPOs were still extremely time-consuming. All too often, he’d found himself muttering, “This shouldn’t take this long…” and “I don’t have time for this….”

And so, being an “old data head,” as he refers to himself, he decided to come up with a simple, fast, highly automated yet super flexible solution to a problem that was driving him crazy and bring it to REALTORS who were doing BPOs. He felt sure that if he could build it, they would come. He went to work interviewing REALTORS, contracting appraisers, and working with developers and soon realized just how complicated it is to make something simple.

As time went by, the market started to turn around. He was out showing houses again and going on listing appointments and found himself facing a familiar problem. Time. And this time was even more precious — REALTORS trying to make it have to be out and about, not at their desks. Yet, to do the job, you still have to analyze the market.

He decided that it was time to make a shift; the framework of the original idea had been established on a beta server, and it needed to be readily available to give to REALTORS. He felt that giving them the pricing intel required, 10X faster than they can get it anywhere else, could change things for a lot of people.

Working with developers, contracted appraisers, and talking to thousands of REALTORS, Cunningham has successfully created a tool for REALTORS to do a complete market analysis quickly and accurately, no matter where they are. The crucible of the CMAsnap business lies in words that Cunningham lives by. “You are either a vitamin or a pain pill. A vitamin is something you take to look and feel better. But a pain pill has a specific use. We take the pain out of CMA’s. Bottom line.”

“Although CMAsnap is not the only comparative market analysis software out there, our approach has been to listen to our customers and focus on their needs. I’m a REALTOR. I know what it’s like to be in them trenches, customer-facing and competing for business.” says Cunningham. “We would absolutely not be here without the feedback, patience and continued support of a lot of outstanding REALTORS, talking through ideas, problems and solutions with us. It truly is ‘By REALTORS for REALTORS’ and a fresh approach at a universal problem.”

Now available in Austin and the Central Texas MLS, Houston and San Antonio, CMAsnap is growing. With both paid and free subscriptions, soon, REALTORS nationwide will be able to see how much difference a pain pill for their busy work will make. As CMAsnap expands its reach into other markets, they are looking for curious people with a heart for helping others. Whether you are a REALTOR interested in offering a fast, convenient service to your clients or team or a future employee looking to make a difference, reach out to the team at

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