Do You Know Your Board Membership Has Three Levels?

Michele Sherwood

Michele Sherwood

2022 President / Williamson County Association of REALTORS

Did you know that your board membership is actually a three-tiered membership? You automatically become a member of Texas REALTORS® (TR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) when you join your local Board or Association of REALTORS®. Both the State and National Level REALTOR® Associations offer many grant programs to their members and to associations at the local level. 

At the state level, Texas REALTORS® has TARHOF, or the Texas REALTORS® Housing Opportunity Foundation. This foundation was established in 2003 and promotes workforce housing and homeownership opportunities. TARHOF have provided numerous grants to individuals, firms and organizations to aide in homeownership across the state of Texas. They also provide affordable housing in low income populations, educational opportunities, and financial guidance in the homebuying process. The money TARHOF is able to award through grants is funded by REALTORS® who purchase Texas REALTORS® license plate. These plates are customizable and can be found at

The state level also provides its members with both a Legal Fund and Relief Funds. The purposes of the TR Legal fund are to help REALTORS® in the state of Texas understand their legal rights and duties under the law, to provide legal assistance for patters pending in course or governmental agencies, defraying all or a portion of legal expenses for pending litigation in which a member is a party, monitoring and participating in the actions of governmental agencies, and reimbursing travel expenses of Texas REALTORS® who participate in form development task forces. The relief funds are for members and consumers who have suffered damages and losses due to natural disasters in Texas. The Texas REALTORS® Leadership team will activate these funds in times of crisis. For instance, when a tornado hit Williamson County back in March of this year, citizens of our community were able to receive assistance for damages that the disaster caused.

Much like the state level, at the National level we can access many grants that promote REALTORS® as a whole. The Consumer Advocacy Outreach Program is a grant that assists in educating and engaging consumers on public policy issues at all levels. They also have grants that cover all ranges of real estate, including Housing Opportunity, Fair Housing, Diversity and Inclusion, Issues Mobilization, Broker Engagement and so much more.

Your local Association is what you make it to be. If any of these grants speak to you, reach out to your local leadership and get involved!

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