You Have A Voice in TREC Rules

Lorrie Kennedy

Lorrie Kennedy

2022 President / Women's Council of REALTORS

Maybe you heard about the changes that TREC adopted in July for Flood Disclosures on Leases which affected the Seller’s Temporary Lease Agreement, the Buyer’s Temporary Lease Agreement and created a new form called the Landlord’s Floodplain and Flood Notice, which are available now and become mandatory Sept. 1. There were other changes adopted during that session that can also be reviewed by visiting or click on the link for “TREC’s Last Meeting Results” on their home page.

But, how many times do you complain or hear someone complain about a new form or revisions to a form? What if you could affect those decisions? You can by participating in the Texas Real Estate Commission’s “Proposed Rules Comment Period.”   The next opportunity is on Aug. 26 to Sept. 26. TREC wants to hear what you think about the proposed rules, so they give you 30 days to voice your opinion.

“Everyone is entitled to my opinion.” That was the sticker my daddy bought for my first car. I thrive on giving my opinion.  You probably like having your voice heard, too, especially when it comes to your profession, when it affects how you operate your business and when you have to explain it to your clients. Wait — but how? Easy breezy!

So, TREC sent you an email, but your inbox may have been overloaded. So, go to and on the right side you’ll see a handy box clearly titled “Proposed Rules Comment Period.” Once you click that box you’ll find brief instructions, the online public comment tool, a link to Review the Proposed Rules and the meeting when the rules will be considered for adoption.

Did you also know that by attending the Texas Real Estate Commission meetings you can earn additional CE? Give it shot, see how it feels to you. At the very least, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the rules and be prepared for the change and maybe you’ll even get some free CE in the process. See you soon!

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