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Home Events Property Tour: Cedar Park & Leander South (CLS)

Property Tour: Cedar Park & Leander South (CLS)

This property tour is for REALTORS and everyone in the real estate profession.

If you have a property listed in the Cedar Park and South Leander area, would like to get some additional exposure and feedback on what you could possibly do to get it sold quickly, send your MLS sheet to to put it on the weekly property tour. You will receive a response confirming it has made the next tour.

See the attached flyer for more information or call Di Anne Warlick at 512-782-8202.

You do not need to have a listing on tour to go on the tour. We encourage all REALTORS to go on the tour to give their feedback. We also like to carpool and stay together so you have more time to network with everyone else that goes on the tour.

We hope to see you at the next tour!


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