ABoR: ACE Negotiator: The No Nonsense Negotiating Course

Course #41106 | Provider #1 Texas REALTORS® (CE) | 4 CE Hours

One thing that time and time again tops the charts of what customers hire a real estate agent for is that they are scared of negotiation. The thing that is really interesting is that when I ask agents, “are scared of negotiating”? The answer is almost always yes too. They are worried that someone on the other side of the table is going to make you look bad because they know how to negotiate better than they do. Or that they can’t protect their customers position as well as they wish they could. In this class we look at all forms of negotiation. From the very first negotiation agents have with the customer (the negotiation to be taken as credible) to body language, tactics, where you sit, and many more things that are proven to be effective. This class teaches agents to negotiate collaboratively whenever possible, but also prepares them, for the very common occurrence, when the other side wants to fight for every inch. Agents will leave this class better prepared to protect and represent their customers in a persuasive and compelling way giving them the best opportunity to earn a customer for life.


Jun 21 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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