By James Feagin, Scarborough Lane Development — Developer for Sunfield

As Buda and all of Hays County experience unprecedented growth, I commend the City and government leaders who are taking a proactive and strategic approach to thoughtfully develop the area and continue to tackle the challenges that arise with a booming economy.

Buda’s strategic location along I-35 and State Highway 45, just 15 minutes south of downtown Austin, is one reason it has more than doubled its population in the last 10 years. Its leaders have also worked hard to maintain its small-town charm and provide ample employment opportunities in a diverse range of industries all while offering a great quality of life and a low cost of living.

But as Buda grows, it must learn from the mistakes of larger metropolitan areas. To keep Buda thriving and continue to attract businesses and a highly-educated work force, it must maintain affordable housing options while still providing a higher quality of life.

The current median home price in Buda is $253,977 and the average median household income is $96,314. The distance between these two numbers must decrease as Buda grows toward build out. So, how do we do that? The key is to get residential real estate developers on board who want to better the community, improve the lifestyles of the people who live and work here and generate positive economic impact.

There are still large, undeveloped tracts of land along the I-35 corridor and there is a way to develop master-planned communities with quality builders and an array of lifestyle amenities while keeping prices affordable. This is a win-win for the city as it looks to recruit more businesses and commercial development. Businesses want to see that there is available workforce housing and residents benefit from commercial development through reduced property taxes.

I’m excited about Buda’s future and look forward to seeing how the city expands and grows into its own over the next 20 years.