By Becky DeButts • 2017 President

January of 2017 seems so far away, yet like yesterday. This has been a phenomenal year and one that I won’t soon forget. From our Winter White Party to our 60th Birthday Celebration and all the meetings and events in between, we have made great strides. Women’s Council of REALTORS, has given me so much! When I think about gifts, I think about the friends and bonds that have been forged. My heart is full of pride and satisfaction. The 2017 team made this a year with goals set and surpassed with awards such as the Mega Network for our State Membership Contest. We have had some of the best speakers come and share their stories and successes with us, like Lisa Copeland, John Harrell and Grace Lanni. We’ve held classes on topics that range from how to do Facebook Live, to how to increase your transaction with the HECM loan. Plus, our travel was educational as well as relational. Our Fredericksburg Bus Trip, for example, was full of games and laughs. The camaraderie in Women’s Council had been a lifeline to many of us.

In our lives we meet many individuals, some are acquaintances and others are friends that have a place in our hearts that is hard to deny.  This is the way I feel about this awesome group. Even though we might not always agree completely, we are able to come to a consensus.  Many long hours of planning, encouraging and brainstorming brought forth a marvelous year—one that I am happy to have had a part in. I believe that the best gifts we can give others are our time, our support, our love and ourselves.

I am glad I am in this wonderful organization. I have seen so much growth in everyone that has gotten involved. We all have gifts to share and we all need each other’s gifts. I will be forever grateful for the richness of the people who have come to be Women’s Council of REALTORS Austin. We have set out to be better at our careers, make a difference in our industry and volunteer in our communities. We have become more in tune with the world around us, stepping up to give a hand, to fill a need and do it with a cheerful heart. We strive to make our world just a little better by being thoughtful and joining arms to be stronger and more beneficial.

There are not enough words for me to express my gratitude to my entire 2017 team on your unfailing dedication to make 2017 a memorable year! Thank you all for your support and love. Always remember that you are the best gift ever! Keep inspiring brilliance and designing lives.

I am happy and proud of the 2018 team stepping up to the helm and I know they will do even greater things for Women’s Council. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.  RL