By Jennifer Lish • 2019 President

Springing into the busy real estate season can bring challenging clients your way. As REALTORS, difficult clients come with the territory. It is our responsibility to represent our brand and profession, which means maintaining composure and delivering the best advice and information available. Educating our clients is very important. Think it through because there are many different types of difficult real estate clients who all respond differently. We have the historian, the know-it-all, the over-analyzer, the reality TV junkie, the non-listener, the low baller, the delusional and the social animal who loves to bring friends and family with them.

You can make the best of challenging clients by accepting them for who they are, picking your battles and be like a duck by letting their behavior roll off your back. You shouldn’t create information overload for your clients. Agents can often create trouble for themselves when they share too much information on the inner workings of a transaction. This can cause unnecessary stress to the clients. You should accept who you are and recognize your limitations with challenging clients. If you are not good at dealing with them, consider bringing in someone who has experience in these types of clients to help with the transaction or refer them to another agent. Firing a client is an option but consult with your broker before firing them. The broker is liable for your actions and should always be informed before a situation gets to the point of terminating an agreement.

It’s important to understand why your clients are being difficult and have the resources and understanding to provide a solution. We must be proactive rather than reactive. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we are educated with the most updated practices, methods and housing market trends to impart our wisdom onto our clients. Once clients have a clearer understanding of the market, they have a more defined appreciation of the hard work and effort put into the process by the agent.

We have to stay sharp and knowledgeable and be a constant source of reassurance and education for our clients. Check out Women’s Council of REALTORS Austin’s calendar and attend our motivational, educational and inspirational meetings and events. Like our Facebook page. Our brokers, title companies, lenders, and of course our boards offer plenty of information. Now go sell, sell, sell!

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